National Interactive Math Olympiad (NIMO)

"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding - William Paul Thurston"
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Once there is an appropriate comprehension of basics and the concepts are clear math is all fun. With this belief, the Eduheal foundation conducts Math Olympiad NIMO (National Interactive Math Olympiad) every year to provide a platform where students can participate and utilize their knowledge and skills to solve the problems that are based on the application of the concepts learned. Math Olympiad examination inculcates consistent thinking, basic reasoning, inventive reasoning, dynamic or spatial reasoning, critical thinking capacity, and surprisingly viable relational abilities. These exams allow you to discover the hidden talent and strength of your child.

Why participate in NIMO

Numerous kids fear the possibility of concentrating on Math's and some may even have an unexplained fear towards this subject. As a parent, this is the biggest nightmare for you. This worry not just originates from your child’s poor grades, but also because you can’t see your child suffer under academic pressure. The reason kids run away from math is that their basic concepts are not strong and as they grow up the level becomes tough. When they don’t understand they don’t do. Anyway, how would you reestablish your kid's interest in Math? You will be shocked to discover that exams like International Math Olympiads conducted by the official math olympiad conducting international organization may help. Few might consider these exams as an extra burden. Yet, IMO like NIMO will allow your kid to see Math from a different yet positive perspective, furthermore making the learning process easier and more fun. The main focus is not concepts. And whatever is learned they can apply in real life and make understanding easy. Ultimately helping them to drive their phobia for math away.
If your child is a mathlete these exams give them an opportunity to compete with students of their age nationally as well as internationally and analyses their skills and capabilities. Alongside also enables them to build a competitive mindset.

Will there be Math Olympiad in 2022?

No sector is untouched by the effects of the pandemic, so is the education sector. But we are trying our best to handhold our students during these tough times so that it won’t have any negative impact on their future. And yes, we are conducting NIMO for 2022 and the last date to register for the same is fast approaching. Apply today!!!

NIMO Exam Registration

If you are wondering how do I apply for the Math Olympiad? So here are all details. Students from classes 1 to 12 can register for NIMO either individually or at the school level. Registration is compulsory for participation. The enlistment for Olympiads 2022 is available Online. Schools who wish to take part in NIMO during 2022-23 might enlist their students by registering on our portal and providing the necessary insights regarding their schools and students and paying the enrollment expense of INR 150 to finish the enlistment cycle.
Besides, students whose schools are not enrolled with the Eduheal foundation or who can't take part through their schools may enlist themselves individually. Don’t wait to register at the last moment. Apply today and make the most of this wonderful opportunity to prepare for future competitive exams!!!
Click on the below link to register:
Link: Registration Link

Eligibility for NIMO:

We believe that the Olympiad exam is a good chance for all students to discover the genius in them. There are no prerequisites to participate in Math Olympiad exams like NIMO. It is open for all students from classes 1 to 12 irrespective of marks, board, and stream. This relaxed eligibility criterion is to encourage more and more participation and find more talent.

NIMO Exam Pattern:

Now into its 17th year, NIMO is conducted at different levels to let the students compete with talent nationwide. It leads the Olympiad in three levels to channel the best talent. The levels are intended to test students' abilities and recognize the best among them. These exams are online and conducted in 1000+ school centers and 200+ computer centers.

Level 1: National

The mode of the level 1 exam would be online. These exams would be conducted in schools during morning hours but the students must appear with the admit card. Check out the important points

Details for classes 1st to 6th
Duration of exam: 40 minutes.
Question Type: MCQs

Questions categories:
  1. General IQ: 10
  2. Subject related: 15
  3. Interactive: 15
Total: 40 questions.

Details for classes 7th to 12th
Duration of exam: 60 minutes.
Question Type: MCQs

Questions categories:
  1. General IQ: 10
  2. Subject related: 30
  3. Interactive: 20
Total: 60 questions.

Level 2: International.

Selected students or School toppers are entitled to participate in level 2. These are 40 minutes MCQ-based online exams. Based on sponsors winners of level 2 may be entitled to foreign academic trips.
Questions categories:
  1. General IQ: 5
  2. Subject related: 30
  3. Subject related image-based: 5

Level 3: Sponsored

Level 3 exams are conducted by sponsors or associated organizations. These could be national or international. Level 2 toppers are selected for Online International Olympiad training camps which will mentor these toppers to prepare well for project-based competitions conducted by Harvard-MIT maths tournament ( HMMT ) .

Syllabus for NIMO

As the motive behind Math Olympiad is to sharpen the knowledge about the topics students are already learning in their classes, the syllabus of Olympiads is kept the same as set by leading boards of the country.


Apart from making student happy as their hard work is paid off, Awards also motivates them to work hard for future endeavors.
EHF provides a Participation certificate to all participants to encourage them to participate again and boost their confidence. For detailed information click the below link
Award link

To conclude NIMO is a wonderful platform where students can showcase their arithmetic and analytical capabilities and at the same time can compete with students of their age group at national and international levels. Apply today!!! Do keep checking the EHF website for latest updates.

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