International English Olympiad (IEO)

The English language is awork in progress have fun with it!!! – Jonathan Culver

English Olympiad

English as a global language has undoubtedly become an important aspect that indirectly determines the future of our students. The widespread acceptance and understanding of this language around the world, whether it be a student's educational aspirations, a future career, or simply being incorporated into society can’t be denied.

Eduheal foundation conducts the International English Olympiad (IEO) intending to enhance students' English spelling, Grammar, sentence construction, and language skills. Learning a language is an endless cycle and there is always room for development. This is possible only with practice, interest in the subject, and a deep urge to improve. The motive of the English Olympiad is to improve students' abilities by introducing basic and meaningful ideas. Students from different schools from different countries participate in this competition. This International English Olympiad is open to students from 1 to 12. It helps students develop and master their English skills.

Eligibility Criteria

English is one of the most popular subjects for students. The storytelling approach to learning makes the process more fun. Additionally, Comprehension, essays, letters, grammar, prose, and poetry make participating in the International English Olympiads more interesting.

IEO is open to all students irrespective of their board, from classes 1 to 12. International English Olympiad (IEO) is a three-level competitive Exam. Where the top students of level one compete in level 2. And topers of level 2 are eligible for level 3.

Eligibility criteria for level 1

There are no specific criteria for Level 1 exams, as grades 1-12 can participate. Also, no minimum score is required. As a result, Level 1 exams are open to a large number of students. All students from India or abroad enrolled in grades 1-12 are eligible to participate.

Eligibility criteria for level 2

Students who excel in the Level 1 exam will be selected as candidates for Level 2. The students who qualify any of the following criteria are eligible for the Level 2 exam:

  1. Top 5-15% of Level 1 scorers.
  2. Top 25 rank holders from each zone – NEWSC
  3. Class toppers from each participating school where at least 8 students from a class appear in level 1 and score atleast 40% qualifying marks

Note: no student can appear directly in level 2. Clearing level 1 is a must.

Eligibility criteria for level 3

Toppers of level 2 are eligible for level 3.

Registration process

Students from grades 1-12 can either register individually through our website or their schools. Any school can register for IEO there are no charges for schools to register. After registration school will receive a prospectus along with the registration forms. Students will then be able to obtain these registration forms from their respective schools. Interested students are required to fill out all relevant information on the registration form and submit the same to their schools along with the Parent consent form signed by parents The school must then return the officially completed registration form to eduheal within the deadline.

Registration Fee for English Olympiad exams

₹125 (including GST) per student for Indian schools
$9 per student for International Schools
Note: School may charge ₹25 (Indian schools) and USD 1 (International Schools) for its expenses towards the conduct of exam.

Exam structure for Level 1

Level 1 exams can be paper-based or online based on students' choices and preferably conducted during morning hours in schools. Admit card is a must to appear in the exams. Check out the level 1 exam pattern below

Details for classes 1st to 6th
Duration of exam: 40 minutes.
Question Type: MCQs

Questions categories:
  1. General IQ: 10
  2. Subject related: 15
  3. Interactive: 15
Total: 40 questions.

Details for classes 7th to 12th
Duration of exam: 60 minutes.
Question Type: MCQs

Questions categories:
  1. General IQ: 10
  2. Subject related: 30
  3. Interactive: 20
Total: 60 questions.

Exam structure for Level 2: International.

Level 2 is a 40 minutes MCQ-based online exam conducted in schools' computer labs or at external centers. There is no fee for level 2. Check out the level 2 exam pattern below

Questions categories:
  1. General IQ: 5
  2. Subject related: 30
  3. Subject related image-based: 5

Exam structure for Level 3 sponsored

Level 3 exams are conducted by sponsors or related organizations. These can be national or international. Level 2 toppers are selected for the International English Olympiad Training Camp to support these toppers to be well prepared for project-based competitions run by the Oracle Foundations.

Exam language:

The Olympiad is conducted in the English language. However, for Hindi , Marathi and Oriya languages you can contact EHF National Coordinator.

Syllabus for IEO – English Olympiads exam

International English Olympiad (IEO) syllabus is set to be the same as that set by leading boards across the country. The motive behind (IEO) is to develop language skills and sharpen students' knowledge on the topics they are studying in their classes.

How to prepare for IEO

Eduheal offers the Plethora of preparatory material online for national Olympiad exams. You can check the online workbooks and previous year sample papers on the below link
You can also buy the printed book for preparation at the cost of ₹80. Below is the link
you can also take the pre-assessment test on the below link


In addition to rewarding students for their hard work, rewards also motivate students to work hard for the future. The EHF issues a Certificate of Participation to all participants to encourage re-entry and build confidence. Click the link below for more information.

English as an international language that requires a lot of practice. The IEO is one of those exams that gives all participants the practice they need and improves their language skills, speaking skills and overall confidence. This allows students to write and speak English perfectly Additionally, it prepares them for advanced English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS and GRE.

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